What Has Helped BIG Leaders Get Even Bigger Results {Interview with James W Leonhardt}

Wondering what some of my top tips are for big leaders looking to grow more and achieve Network Marketing Success?

Check out this interview, with one of our Top Earner Club members, to learn how you can get even bigger results.

What Has Helped BIG Leaders Get Even Bigger Results {Interview with James W Leonhardt}

James W. Leonhardt has come a long way in Network Marketing.

Starting out 16/17 years ago with his first company, James has been successful with prospecting and sales, but was looking for more growth and guidance to make even more money and grow his business.

When he decided to invest in coaching and showing up for himself, things changed.

He started to bring more value to his audience, provide the level of coaching that they need, and clean up his business after just a few days of joining our Top Earner Club.

James and I worked together directly to dissect his online work and pinpoint ways to make it better.

We went over units, conversions, headlines on posts, etc. to really narrow down what he needed to change.

Now, James has increased his audience connection and is able to grow his company in more efficient ways.

Check out how he’s doing that and what he has to say…

Leadership is the cornerstone of the network marketing profession.

How you show up as leader will make or break your results and the results of your teammates. And yet as important as the topic of leadership is to the profession, network marketing has relied on books that don’t really address the real challenges that network marketers specifically face on a daily basis.

Until now.

No matter where you are in your journey as a leader, this book delivers the essential guidance you need to move forward. No matter what size your team, or if you want to build one, this is a must read.

Grab it today!

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